Introducing Opera

The opera. An empty space that can be transformed into amazing new worlds, each time a different one. The singers, actors and audience come together to complete the opera. Yet the foundation remains throughout: a stage, seating, lighting, sound.

We introduce you to Opera, a starter theme for Ghost. Just like the real place, it contains the foundation you can build upon.

Opera is available on GitHub.


Download Opera (zip)


  • Clean and minimal markup.
  • Uses almost the full Ghost API, so you can just remove the parts you don't need instead of having to add them.
  • Post previewing ready. An upcoming version of Ghost will support post previewing. Opera has a separate post.css file for post related styles, so it take full advantage of the new feature when it becomes available.
  • Adheres to the recommended file structure.
  • Optimized for accessibility.
  • Only classnames, no ID's (except for the post ID, which is truly unique).
  • Google Analytics ready.
  • Google Fonts ready.
  • Disqus comments ready.
  • Includes the latest version of Normalize.css.
  • Ghost 0.4 ready.
  • SEO optimized with HTML5 microdata.